Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Book Suggestion: "Tantra - the Cult of the Feminine"

I would recommend this highly inspiring book by Andre Van Lysebeth to anyone interested about genuine Tantra,  unlike the modern whitewashed and neutered new age-version of it.

Check Amazon for more info.

Devin Townsend

The charming gentleman on the right (the photo is only *slightly* manipulated), is Mr. Devin Townsend or as his fans call him, Crazy Dev (wonder why?). A (in)famous and profilic progressive metal musician from Canada.

Everyone who's into metal has probably heard about him or his famous industrial metal project, Strapping Young Lad. So had I, though it was half a year ago when I heard his music for the first time. I believe it was his solo album "Ziltoid - the Omniscient". A strange mix of twisted humour and metal space opera.

Even though it took a while to process his peculiar style of writing music, I almost instantly had a feeling that I'm going to go boinkers with his music. And, oh man, did I go boinkers when delved deeper into his back catalogue.. I practically spend a month just listening to his various albums. The man might be mad, but he's an absolute genious when it comes to music. And one has to be at least bit mad to be genius.


Facebook - cornucopia of social escapism?

Why it is that people turn into narcissistic monkeys when let loose on this cornucopia of social escapism?

I've witnessed seemingly coherenent, intelligent persons turn into drooling idiots, hell-bent on gettin as many "friends" as possible on this "adult" version of the teen original. Now, this is clearly a primitive, atavistic urge. A crave for social recognition and status within a tribe.

The problem is, the effort you bring to this goal is real (i.e. wasting your time), but the reward is just virtual. But that's okay.. People don't like to live in REALITY(tm) anymore. It's so much easier to watch it from TV instead.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Ross Kemp on Gangs

Ross Kemp is not under the influence of gangs (i.e. like "gangs" is a new drug or something, silly!). RKoG is documentary series where this actor treads the globe in search for the most dangerous gangs. Such as the infamous Mongrel Mob on New Zealand.

Now, MM-thugs are quite a sight.. many have their faces fully covered with tribal tattoos (maori-style). Can't get a blue-collar job with such a fashion statement. Then again.. these guys are not in business for pleasantries.

Ross Kemp also covers Rio's drug gangs and their legalized counterpart, the anti-gang police.. Strangely enough, it's the police who seems more corrupt and anti-ethical than the gangs they try destroy. It's known that the police themselves kidnap and hold high-ranking gang members for ransom. Some of the boys in blue also sell weapons for the gangs (with which they of course attack the police whenever possible) WTF?!

Even though there is a bit of empty "bad ass"-posturing on Kemp's behalf, the series doesn't moralize or revere the gangs. The take is pretty neutral which I dig. Can't stand these shockumentaries catered for the stupid masses..